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Empowering retailers to engage, connect & understand their customers through Digital billing


BillMe is an holistic software for all retailers which includes features as Consumer & Product analytics, Data driven analytics, loyalty, multiple marketing channels, Auto-enagement & many more.

However, with so many features & data, they needed strong partners to convert data into meaningful information & to provide the interface that is minimalist, easy to understand without any cognitive overload


BillMe can’t just be a jack of all trades – it needs to master them. Our UX takes the elegant patterns from a dozen industries and combines them into a master command center.

A better experience for BillMe’s customers means a better experience for the retailers and merchants who depend on reliable data everyday.


Converting Data to Information

We were provided raw data that mentioned the data points they are collecting.  Our team analysed it with historical data sets, researched, mixed & matched different data that can be converted into actionable insights.

After many interviews & data organisation, we cleaned the assets and derived different systems which complemented the data such as RFM Analysis, Loyalty programs & customer segmentation practices. This in turn gave our clients other avenues to interact with customers.


The process we built to streamline design strategy

We support design across every aspect of their business and are responsible for leading UX and UI across key parts of the application side of the platform. As we worked on researching on the best guidelines for UX & UI, we simultaneously started building their entire ecosystem

Implemented a design process. This has helped our team establish more structure to how we conduct our work and allow other teams to gain visibility across our upcoming sprints.

Improved usability across the platform. No usability tests were conducted by the external consultancy before dev handoff. Since we established a design team, we have been actively working towards conducting UX research and usability testing on all projects.

Establishing a design kit. This has helped to maintain consistency in the look and feel across different parts of the platform.

Establishing a design system.  This has helped the Engineering and Product teams to understand how and why we choose to implement certain components over others.


Design validation after wireframing

We conducted usability testing sessions with our primary users to validate whether the new designs would solve their problems. We further wrote a script including a scenario asking the user to create new segments targeting females of all ages on mobile devices which can be converted to loyal customers. Kindly look at some of the snapshots that we designed.


First Draft not only quickly understood our deeply complex and nuanced platform, but their insight lead to ideas that hadn’t even occurred to us. They weren’t just experts in strategy – their visual design work was top notch, too. What started as an experiment with our first external team has turned into a successful long term relationship; when “wow!” is the universal response to seeing what First Draft delivers, a partnership is easy to look forward to.​

Jai Hemrajani,

Co-Founder, BillMe